lifetime Warranty 





​We pride ourselves on using only the best materials to manufacture our products. That's why the hardware on every holster, magazine carrier and sheath is covered by Alpha Concealment Systems' lifetime guarantee. If at any time the hardware on your product breaks, or you lose something (i.e. a screw, a washer, etc.) let us know and we'll send out the replacement parts at no cost to you. The warranty is extended to screws, posts, washers, spacers, clips, loops, wings, etc. 

To order your free replacement parts, contact Customer Service via email at with the subject line REPLACEMENT HARDWARE. When emailing, you will need to include your full name and original order number. In some cases, a Customer Service team member may also ask for photo/video evidence. Once your order has been verified, a Customer Service team member will ask that you provide a current and accurate shipping address. We do not provide tracking information for shipments of replacement hardware. 

We reserve the right to refuse complimentary replacement hardware in the event that we are unable to verify the customer's ordering details. 

The warranty does not cover the Kydex® itself. Additionally, we do not replace holsters, magazine carriers or knife sheaths that have been damaged due to personal use, or modified by a third-party seller and/or by the user, and/or by a previous user (i.e. anyone other than Alpha Concealment Systems). 

Unfortunately, extreme heat and cold will definitely compromise the shape and consistency of Kydex®, as the material (at the consistency and thickness appropriate for holster manufacturing) does not withstand extreme temperatures. Vehicles tend to act as ovens during periods of high heat, so we do recommend to always keep your Kydex® gear protected by storing it in the glovebox or center console, which do not heat up nearly as much as other portions of a vehicle's interior.

We cannot guarantee that your Kydex® product will not warp, melt, or become deformed and/or cracked when exposed to extreme heat or cold.

If the shape of your product has become compromised, please cease use immediately, as it may no longer be safe to use.

If you believe you have received merchandise that is defective (issues with hardware, design, fit or function that are caused by a manufacturing or design error on our part), or if you feel the product you received is unsafe, please cease use immediately.

Next, please review the details of your order, and the specs of your firearm, to ensure that you ordered the correct item. Errors made during the ordering process are not the responsibility of Alpha Concealment Systems. 

If you're certain that your order details are correct, please contact Customer Service via email at within 5 days of receipt, with the subject line DEFECTIVE MERCHANDISE. When emailing, you will need to include your full name and original order number, as well as a description of the issue you believe exists.In some cases, a Customer Service team member may also ask for photo/video evidence. 


A Customer Service team member will consult with one of our production managers, and review the information and evidence you supplied. They will work to rule out all other possibilities, and may offer advice and/or ask for additional feedback to help further their understanding of the issue you believe is occurring.

If necessary, we will have you send the item back so that we may conduct an inspection of the item - a Customer Service team member will provide you with the necessary paperwork if it's determined that an inspection should be conducted. Please note that an inspection is not always necessary, although there are some instances where we cannot determine if an issue exists, or what is potentially causing the issue, without inspecting the item ourselves in person.

Please note that we cannot accept any items without the proper paperwork. NEVER send your property to Alpha Concealment Systems without being asked to do so. We cannot be held responsible for improperly labeled, improperly addressed, or unsolicited items sent to us by the customer, and we do not accept unsolicited mail.

If during our inspection of the item, we discover a defect, and are able to make repairs, we will do so. If we are unable to repair the defective merchandise, we will replace it at no cost to you. If at this point you decide you do not want a replacement, a store credit will be issued (valid for purchases through the online store only) - only available if the product is defective and unable to be repaired. Please note that a clear photo of the defect and proof of purchase must be shown in order to initiate the return process. The return process, inspections, replacements and repairs are done on an expedited basis.

If during our inspection, or upon review of photo/video evidence provided by the customer, we determine that damage has been caused by personal use, or modifications have been made to the item in question (regardless of who made that modification - whether it was a third-party seller, a previous owner, your friend/brother/uncle/cousin/local Kydex® person, or you), your item will be ineligible for any and all remedies possible on the part of Alpha Concealment Systems. Customers should NEVER modify (or have someone else modify) an Alpha Concealment Systems product - if you have already conducted a modification, or believe the item you own has been modified by any party other than Alpha Concealment Systems, you should cease use immediately, as it may be unsafe.

If you have purchased, or received as a gift, an Alpha Concealment Systems product from a third party, we will still require proof of purchase.

If your product was purchased from a third-party location (i.e. a gun store, or through an online forum/trade site) we will require the name of the vendor that sold you the item (and an original order number, if applicable), and a receipt for your purchase from them. When making a purchase online through a third-party vendor, it's important to ask for a receipt, and the vendor's selling information (full name, email address and/or website - a forum handle or social media account name is NOT sufficient), enough if it's through a stranger selling something on their Instagram page. 

If the item in question was given to you as a gift, we will require the full name of the original purchaser, and an original order number. A branded sales invoice and/or order confirmation email detailing the specs of the item may be sufficient in some cases.


Customer Responsibility 

When ordering from Alpha Concealment Systems, the customer is responsible for checking their order immediately upon delivery for proper fit/function. Alpha Concealment Systems advises customers to always use safe handling practices, and use an unloaded firearm, when testing the initial fit/function of an Alpha Concealment Systems product. Afterwards, the customer should exercise safe handling practices every time an Alpha Concealment Systems product is used in conjunction with a firearm - please consult the NRA's Gun Safety Rules

When using a knife in conjunction with an Alpha Concealment Systems product, customers are advised to exercise caution, and keep fingers away from the edge of the blade at all times. Customers should expect that their knife sheath will be tight at first; customers are advised to use extreme caution when breaking in their sheath. 

Original Ownership/Third-Party Distribution

Alpha Concealment Systems cannot be held responsible for products that are lost or stolen from an original owner, nor can we be held responsible for products that are sold in less-than-satisfactory conditions by a third party. We urge all customers to thoroughly inspect any items claiming to be manufactured by Alpha Concealment Systems that are not sold through our website - if you are unsure whether or not a product is in fact manufactured by us, or is up to our standards, we advise that you do not purchase the item, or cease use of the item. 

Under no circumstances should a customer automatically assume that a product marketed as an Alpha Concealment Systems product, and purchased from a third party, will be authentic, and/or fully functional and safe. 

Additions/Modifications to Firearms

Alpha Concealment Systems' Kydex® products are forged to fit a specific handgun model(s), and do not come standard with the ability to accommodate any additions/modifications to the firearm, such as, but not limited to: suppressor sights, extended slide release, threaded barrel, compensator, optic, etc. When ordering, the customer is responsible for informing Alpha Concealment Systems of any and all additions/modifications on their firearm, and any planned additions/modifications - we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all additions/modifications, and we suggest contacting Customer Service prior to placing your order.

A holster that is not made to accommodate the specific additions/modifications that a customer has will result in a poor fit/function, and may in fact render the product unsafe/inoperable. Under no circumstances should a customer use an Alpha Concealment Systems product that was not designed for their specific firearm and the specific additions/modifications to their firearm. This is not considered a defect.

Weapon-Mounted Light/Laser Additions to Firearms
All of the light-bearing holsters made by Alpha Concealment Systems are designed for use with a specific weapon-mounted light/laser, and should only be used with the specific attachment that the holster was ordered for. Under no circumstances should a customer use a light-bearing holster without the attachment; doing so will result in a poor fit/function, and may in fact render the product unsafe/inoperable. This is not considered a defect.

When ordering a light-bearing holster, customers will see a dropdown menu for handgun model, and a separate dropdown menu for weapon-mounted light/laser. Customers select the models they are using from each respective dropdown menu.

Please note: all of our available handgun options, and weapon-mounted light/laser options, are listed in each dropdown menu. This DOES NOT mean that every option from one dropdown menu is compatible with every option from another dropdown menu. NOT ALL FIREARM AND LIGHT/LASER COMBINATIONS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH ONE ANOTHER. Please be sure to check the manufacturer information provided by the manufacturer of both your firearm and light/laser to ensure compatibility. If the light/laser is not designed for the firearm you select, a holster cannot be made for it. If you're unsure about compatibility, please contact us before placing an order.

Additionally, please note that due to the amount of space necessary to accommodate a weapon-mounted light attachment, the top portion of the holster near the trigger guard will be wider than on a non-light-bearing holster. Depending on the exact dimensions of the particular weapon-mounted light, this open space is approximately 1/8" to 1/4". Please be assured that this is completely standard, and does not affect the functionality of the holster; it is not considered a defect. This disclaimer is also available for review in the product description of any light-bearing holster.

As is the case whenever using a firearm, caution should be taken at all times to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. 


The majority of Alpha Concealment Systems holsters come with adjustable retention. Please visit the product page for the item you purchased, and review the product description and educational photos to familiarize yourself with where the adjustable retention is located, and how to use it.

Many times, a customer who believes their holster is defective is merely having an issue with the amount of retention on their holster.

If Alpha Concealment Systems determines that this is the issue, your item will not be considered defective. Alpha Concealment Systems cannot guarantee that every customer will be comfortable with the amount of retention provided by the adjustment points, and we reserve the right to refuse a return if it's determined that the holster's retention is up to our standards and therefore not defective.


All of our products are uniquely forged to meet the needs of individual customers, and therefore we cannot guarantee that a customer's order will be identical to, or similar to, another Alpha Concealment Systems product. Small variations may occur due to the handcrafted nature of our products - our products are made by real people, and are not carbon copies churned out in identical form by a machine. These are not considered defects.

Customers should not rely on photographs, or another physical product made by Alpha Concealment Systems, as the basis for their buying decision, as the product/photos may not be indicative of the exact design of the product the customer will receive. Minor changes to the overall design of our products are sometimes necessary depending on the following, but not limited to: the size of the firearm, the combination of firearm and weapon-mounted light/laser, the weight of the firearm, the options selected by the customer during checkout, and other factors. 

Customers should not expect that the design, weight, size, feel, fit or function of an Alpha Concealment Systems product will be similar to a product produced by another company. Alpha Concealment Systems cannot be held responsible if a customer receives a product that was not what they expected, so long as the details of that item were represented to the best of our ability on our website. Since comfort, ease of use and satisfaction are all largely subjective factors, Alpha Concealment Systems cannot guarantee that every customer will find every product we produce comfortable and easy to use, nor can we guarantee their complete satisfaction.

Alpha Concealment Systems promises to always do our absolute best to represent our products to the best of our ability on our website, and to be open and honest about the function of every product. However, we cannot be held responsible in the event that a customer simply does not like the product they ordered. We ask that every customer carefully review all of the information on our website PRIOR to ordering, and also consult other sources of information, to determine if our products may be a good match for them. 

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