Review of The Apollo Appendix IWB | Southern Boy Packin Heat
"Alpha does top-notch work. This fits my VP9 like a glove."

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Alpha Concealment Systems Phoenix
Review of The Phoenix Ultimate IWB | YouTuber: FJ55IRONPIG​
"It feels like a very quality product. Very well made. Great attention to detail. Awesome packaging. Great company."


Review of The Apollo Appendix IWB | Southern Boy Packin Heat
"It’s very, very comfortable…"

Review of The Hyperion Light-Bearing OWB |

Southern Boy Packin Heat
"Their holsters are well made."

Why Alpha?

We're a company that prides itself on honesty and integrity, and providing reliable gear, and we like to think we do it right. But, don’t just take our word for it -- our customers give us rave reviews! 

Whether it’s our quality, cost or superior service we bring to every interaction, our customers love us. And we're certain that you will too! 

Carry Option: Alpha Concealment
Review of The Apollo Appendix IWB | Rev2DaLimit

"It has really good's really comfortable and really well made. You can tell they take the time with the finishing of the edges."

Sig P320: Best Concealed Carry Configuration
Video Features The Apollo Appendix IWB | Rev2DaLimit

An IWB Holster Worth Your Time
Review of The Gryphon Ultimate IWB | iDaveMoore
"A holster I think you're going to love."

The Kydex Review No One Wants To Do
Review of The Kratos Light-Bearing OWB | Four Guys Guns

"[This is a] really great holster, great draw stroke, great to use and it’s been super durable."

My Personal Concealed Carry
Video Features The Centaur Half-Breed IWB | TactiCalifornia

"I love this rig. It’s probably my favorite…super minimalistic…super amazing holster."


Alpha Concealment Systems - IWB Holster Review
Review of The Prometheus IWB, The Apollo Appendix IWB & The Single Pistol Magazine Carrier | Prime Time Reviews

"I like to support the local people, the people who really put the effort in to make their products great. Anthony over at Alpha Concealment certainly does that, and they are always pushing the envelope."

The Best Kydex Holster Ever?
Review of The Centaur Half-Breed IWB | TactiCalifornia

"This is probably the most affordable sidecar holster…They are my favorite at this point for the sidecar style holsters."

Review of The Kratos Enhanced Light-Bearing OWB |

Southern Boy Packin Heat
"I really like this holster. It works really well, like everything that Alpha Concealment does."

Alpha Concealment Mag Carrier
Review of The Single Pistol Magazine Carrier |

"This is actually the most comfortable mag carrier I have."

Review of The Ares Standard OWB | Southern Boy Packin Heat
"I’m a big fan of Alpha Concealment."

The Phoenix Holster
Review of The Phoenix Ultimate IWB | Rev2DaLimit
"This is a holster that is head and shoulders above the pack."


Review of The Apollo Appendix IWB | Southern Boy Packin Heat
"One of the things I really like about his holster is the single clip design…this allows you to adjust it and move it around…They’re reasonably priced and [Alpha] has great customer service."

Review of The Apollo Appendix IWB | Southern Boy Packin Heat
"It's easy to draw and reholster, and that’s what you need from an appendix carry holster."


Alpha Concealment CCW Mag Carrier
Review of The Single Pistol Magazine Carrier |

"You can clip this onto your belt or inside the pants...I like that it's a clip and I can just put it on really quick."

Review of The Ares Standard OWB | Southern Boy Packin Heat
"They do a quality job. They take a little longer than some other guys, but they’re worth the wait."

Two New Carry Holster Options
Review of The Apollo Appendix IWB | The Arms Guide

"A couple months later, I can tell you that this is a quality holster and I believe it will hold up over time. It deserves to be listed among the good-to-go options."


Review of The APC-1 | Southern Boy Packin Heat
"Having a magazine carrier that holds three pistol magazines is a huge bonus. And also it gives you more room on your belt."

Holster Review: Alpha Concealment Systems Apollo
Review of The Apollo Appendix IWB | YouTuber: wyoptrlcop

"[My] holster actually shipped faster than expected, plus. It was exactly as described, plus. Retention is perfect and feels very secure while carrying, double plus. Its more comfortable than the bulkier leather holster I was using previous to this holster, plus. This holster is worth every penny spent." - Bob

"Best holster I've ever owned..." - Gilles

"Alpha has a passion for their product, spectacular and functional designs, and is simply the best out there."  - Andrew

"As always great quality holster. Sleek design and super comfortable. Just the right amount of retention." - Anonymous

"Excellent product for a more than reasonable price. They have earned my carry needs forever." - David

"I have been wearing [the Appendix IWB] holster daily for the last 5 months and I must say it is awesome! It is very comfortable and stays very secure even during strenuous activities...I own numerous expensive, top name brand holsters and it is by far my favorite..." - Matt

"Amazing Holsters!!! Great Price and great quality. I will never carry anything else. I have owned all the top kydex holsters and this one is coming out on top for me!!! Thanks again Alpha!!!" - Brandon

"The most comfortable and best fitting holster I've put my gun in. Very happy with this product." - Anonymous

"I love the craftsmanship and price of these products." - Lee

"When I started carrying my sidearm, I would always just go with the cheapest IWB the store had in stock and just thought that's what was best. I tried multiple models and types. Well, after hearing about Alpha's Kydex holsters I thought man that's gotta feel better than these cloth holsters so I decided to try it out and now I know I will not turn back. Best holster around hands will not regret your purchase." - Josh

"Great quality, great price, all around great people to buy from!" - Steve

"Great holster for a great price. These guys are first class." - Anonymous

"Very happy with my purchase. This holster fits my M&P shield like a glove. I chose carbon fiber and it looks great. Thanks!!" - Art

​​"For the price and quality, these mag carriers cannot be topped. The day I received mine, I even ordered another one." - Brenden

"The product itself is everything I expected it to be. Great retention of the firearm and the clip is very sturdy. I've been wearing this holster regularly since receiving it." - Anonymous

​"The holster is top notch with great looks and finish. I was even more impressed with alpha's customer service. The East Coast experienced a blizzard that was completely out of Alpha's control and due to the weather they were unable to meet their pledged time table. Without asking or complaining, I received emails from Alpha explaining the delays and even giving me $20.00 credit for my next purchase. I will be sure to buy again. Great little company." - Colin

"Amazing Holsters....Great Company To Deal With!!! Very Pleased"- John

"Amazing customer service and quick product delivery! I told them what color I wanted and what my firearm looked like..they suggested another color that ended up complimenting my G17 so much better than what I had in mind. The quality and functionality of my holster is perfect. I'm in love with it!" - Emily

"Thanks again for another great work of art." - Lee

"Initial thought upon receiving the holster was it looked like many others. After careful review of the entire holster the quality of the build stands out. it fits my Glock 19 perfectly and is comfortable to wear."- Joel

"The retention on this bad boy is superb I really like this holster. The belt loops seem to be very strong. YOU CAN"T GO WRONG WITH THIS HOLSTER." - Juan

"I received my Alpha Concealment IWB Kydex holster with the belt loops and I love it. It fits my gun perfectly and easily conceals. I would definitely recommend this holster to others." - Anonymous

"I ordered from Alpha during their spring sale. They were swamped but I was patient. During get my wait I even emailed them and changed up my order. They fulfilled my request and I love my holster. I'd definitely order from Alpha again. And FYI their kydex is thick and sturdy." - Max

"Holster is very well made and the attention to detail is amazing! The belt clip feels really strong and I'm sure is going to be very durable over the years. Great retention with a positive *click* when holstering my XDS. Sits super comfortable when wearing appendix style as well." - DC

"Quality products, great price! Would highly recommend their holster systems to anyone looking." - Chris

"Alpha knows the business well and despite the lengthy turn around time, it is well worth the wait and I will be recommending it to my friends. On a final note, the customer service is excellent! I discovered this company on Instagram and spoke with various employees and I could really tell these people love and care about what they do. They actually stole me away from the company I was previously using for kydex holsters!" - Peyton

"Absolutely Perfect. Just what I ordered and on time. Fits comfortably and I forget I am even wearing it." - Keith

"Awesome product. Excellent craftsmanship. Customer service was prompt even after business hours." - Josh

"Great holster. Fits well and keeps my Glock in place. I'm new to the appendix carry option, and must say Alpha makes the best holsters. Kydex is properly trimmed to ensure no bulk." - Anonymous

"Very light weight. Comfortable. Flexible. Protects and holds gun well. Great precision manufacturing. Very clean finishing. Exceeded All expectations." - Sherif

"Customer service was outstanding." - Joseph

"The Appendix IWB with Clip performance is solid. It provides great retention and offers efficient pistol grip. No personal comfort modifications were needed and went straight from box to carry. I would highly recommend Alpha Concealment Systems to all that have high expectations." - Mike

"Very comfortable. Highly recommended." - Rob

"This is my first "real" holster I've bought for Sig Sauer P228 compact pistol. Before, I only had a cloth one to see how I felt about appendix style carry. I couldn't be happier with my purchase! It's comfortable, reliable, durable, my pistol sits perfectly and I don't have to worry about it falling out when I'm running tactical drills. The delivery was speedy and ordering couldn't have been easier. Perfect for EDC!" - Amanda

"This was my first kydex holster. I was a little skeptical about the comfort of it being a AIWB, but after about a week of moving it around to find the perfect position for me (about 3 o'clock most of the time, occasionally appendix depending on attire) it has been incredible. I honestly almost forget I have it on. Will definitely buy another." - Zach

"After having seen these holsters all over social media, I had to check them out. I played around on their site and checked out some of their competitors. For some reason even after checking out some other competitors I kept circling back to ACS. The difficult part of entrusting your money in a product you have never physically handled is un-nerving. Their product definitely didn't disappoint. There was a little lead time before I had the beautifully finished and refined red carbon fiber kydex in my hands. My XD-s fits like a glove in this holster. It is the slimmest IWB I've had. If you're concealing in a suit opt for the sweat guard to keep any excess oil off of your clothing. Great product. Great company. I would highly recommend and will purchase additional holsters for my other CCWs." - CJ

"This holster was recommended by a buddy of mine that recently retired from the special warfare community. Extremely comfortable holster. Perfect for carrying my XDS .45." - Eric

"Awesome service and quality product. I already own a few different variations and will continue to order more in the future. Always receiving compliments and have people asking where I got my holster from." - Kevin

"Awesome to do business with! Quality products made in usa!" - Matt Z.

"I received my order quickly, the holster is very concealable and I can get a good initial grip on my pistol. Retention on this holster is great. I can't say enough good things about this deal. Will be buying from alpha again!" - Jordan

"The quality of the holster is the best I've had over the years, Ive already placed my order in for my glock and m&p shield. I would recommend your product to anyone who wants a reliable and good quality holster." - Joshua

"The best holster money can buy, about to order my 3rd one from Alpha Concealment. Great People to do business with." - Jeff

"I purchased this holster (Glock 27, Red Carbon Fiber, No Cant, Sweat Shield) for the warmer months when outer layers will be minimal. The holster sits at the perfect height with great retention and an amazing belt clip. It's very sturdy and the width of the clip keeps the holster from twisting. Great customer service and quick correspondence. I will definitely be buying more products from Alpha in the near future." - Eric

"This holster is an excellent and the customer service is second to none." - Anonymous

"Best holster out there! Anthony and Katrina are awesome!" - Matt

"I have owned several custom kydex holsters but this one take the blue ribbon." - Reed

"Great product, feels great when in use. Gun fits perfectly. Very happy with this holster." - Danny




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