Handcrafters of Custom Kydex® Holsters






All of our Kydex products are custom made to fit a customer's unique specifications - although we do sometimes have in-stock items available as Quick Ship or Clearance purchases. We offer countless customization options. Here are just a few of them:

We don't leave left-handed shooters out

  • Every single product we offer can be made for either right- or left-handed shooters.

            Some products are even ambidextrous.


We give you the freedom to express your style

  • Our products are made in your choice of 34 colors, patterns and licensed prints - some holster designs even give you the ability to pick a front and back in two different colors. With Alpha Concealment Systems, you won't have to sacrifice your style for quality, or vice versa. 

​We offer a variety of holsters that accommodate specific weapon-mounted light/laser attachments

  • Want an inside-the-waistband holster that also accommodates a light? No problem. 
  • Need an outside-the-waistband holster that also accommodates a laser? We can do that. 
  • Want a holster with a built-in magazine carrier that will work with your light attachment? We got you.

Our light-bearing holsters can be made to accommodate 1 of 8 different weapon-mounted light/laser attachments. Don't see the option you need? Contact Customer Service to request it prior to placing an order.

Our handgun holsters are available for 75+ different models

  • Plus, we give you an option when ordering to write in the external modifications/additions on your firearm (such as optics, suppressor sights, extended slide release, etc.) to ensure that your holster accommodates those as well. (Please note that a weapon-mounted light/laser is not considered an external modification/addition - only a light-bearing holster will accommodate a light/laser attachment. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate every single modification/addition - some modifications, such as compensators, are not always possible.)

Don't see the firearm model you have as an option? Contact Customer Service to request it prior to placing an order.

not another cookie-cutter gun holster.

We design each of our products with comfort in mind. Edges are rounded off as much as possible and buffed completely smooth to minimize bulk, as well as discomfort. 

Of course, because comfort is largely subjective, we cannot guarantee that every single customer will find our products completely and entirely comfortable. Especially when carrying inside the waistband, comfort can depend on your pant style and size, the quality and size of your belt, the weight and size of your firearm, and your familiarity with Kydex as a material. 


Each of our products is specially designed to be a practical solution for a variety of applications. Whether you're looking for a holster to carry concealed, or a great piece of gear to train with at the range, Alpha Concealment Systems has you covered.

We offer 11 different styles of handgun holsters, 6 different types of ammo carriers, and two styles of knife sheaths.


our products

Uniquely forged to your specifications, and individually crafted by hand.
Our gun holsters are fully customizable with countless available options, ensuring your gear is entirely yours,
not just a replica of someone else's order.

Thick, thermo-formed Kydex shell provides a rigid shape with a smooth interior finish. Because it's formed to fit a specific handgun, you'll achieve a better fit and retention compared to using a leather or nylon holster, ensuring your firearm remains in place, and protected from the elements.

Kydex can become deformed when exposed to extreme heat and/or cold, so it's always best to avoid these situations to prolong the quality of your gear.