Handcrafters of Custom Kydex® Holsters




how your holster is made

Go ahead and call us old fashioned. We don't mind one bit.

That's because our company, our process and our products are all built on the idea

that just because there is a faster and cheaper way of getting something done,

does not mean it's the right way.

We have never mass-produced our products, nor do we rely on advanced technology or automated mechanical processes to churn out product after product.

And we don't enlist computer-aided design (CAD) systems when it comes to our design or molding processes.

We're skilled craftsmen, and we work incredibly hard to produce each and every product...not babysitters of machines that do the work for us.

We're not afraid to be different.

And we take incredible pride in the fact that we work with our hands, leaning on our skills, experience and knowledge to produce expertly-crafted gear

that is handmade from start to finish. Unlike a lot of our competitors, our products are always built by hand, by real people, not automated machines.

And while those competitors may call us old fashioned or outdated, we take that as a compliment.

Because we believe that advanced technology doesn't make a better product; people do. 

We're proud to have offered quality, consistency and fair pricing since day one, and we stand firm in our commitment to our craft -

we'll never change who we are as a company simply to turn a profit. And that's something that's not easy to find these days.

If you're looking for a mass-produced holster that was vacuum formed, cut by a computer-controlled machine (CNC), and finished off by an assembly line,

you won't find it here.
But if you're looking for a holster that was individually crafted and customized to your unique selections, molded, cut, buffed, drilled and assembled by hand, 
Alpha Concealment Systems would be honored to be considered as an option in your search for quality Kydex® products.

All of our holsters are made from a high-quality thermoplastic material - Kydex®.

We use a specific thickness and texture of the material to maximize comfort and durability, and to minimize bulk - not all makers of Kydex® holsters use the same thickness and texture, so you should never assume that a holster made by company A will be similar to a holster made by company B.

Kydex® is a registered trademark of SEKISUI Polymer Innovations, LLC, and 40 different grades of the material are produced under Kydex® Theromoplastics - a part of the SEKISUI SPI product portfolio. The material is then sold by a number of suppliers right here in the United States. We purchase all of our Kydex® from several different U.S. suppliers, and when it arrives at our facilities, it comes as a large, flat sheet in one solid color, or a specific pattern/print. We cut it down to smaller sheets, and use those smaller sheets to make one single item. 

Once you place your order, you will receive an automated confirmation email with your Order ID. For security purposes, when contacting Customer Service to inquire about your order, you will need to provide us with your Order ID and the name of the person who placed the order. Sometimes, we may also need to verify other personal information.

Once your order has been reviewed, it is appointed to a batch and scheduled for production. The status of your order will remain marked as "Awaiting Fulfillment" from the moment you place it, right up until the order ships, regardless of what stage of production it is in. Custom orders typically enter production around 1 to 3 days after being placed. You should never assume that your order has not begun production - if you need to make changes to an existing order, please contact us immediately after placing your order. We cannot guarantee that changes will be accommodated, especially after 1 to 3 days of being placed, but we'll always do our best to help.

We use a collection of actual firearms and replicas to mold each holster - we call these "molds". Each mold is mocked up and orders are molded individually, according to the holster design and specific options the customer has selected. We use several different styles of manual presses to ensure adequate pressure is placed around the mold - our holsters are not molded using any kind of vacuum-forming machines or CAD software. 

Once the holster is molded, it goes through a thorough inspection phase to ensure accuracy and consistency. It is also tested to ensure there are no issues with the integrity of the material.

Next, the holster is measured and mocked up to ensure the appropriate cuts are made for the specific holster design, and the customer's selections. Each holster is hand cut by one of our team members - our holsters are not cut using a CNC or any automated machinery. 

Then comes the buffing and smoothing stage. The edges of the holster are trimmed, sanded and buffed by hand. Once all the edges are completely smooth, a check is conducted to ensure the shape and style of the holster is still consistent with our standards. Another check is also performed at this stage to ensure the fit and function of the holster. 

Afterwards, it's time for the cleaning and polishing stage. The holster has gone through a lot leading up to this point, and will usually be covered in a fair amount of dust and debris, as well as some small shavings of material. The holster is sent to soak in soapy water for a while, and is ultimately washed and polished by a team member to ensure a completely smooth interior and a blemish-free exterior.

Now comes the drilling stage. Each holster needs a specific number of holes drilled in very specific locations, in order to affix the hardware to it. A team member measures, marks and ultimately drills those holes, all by hand. Once drilled, a check will be conducted of the accuracy of the drilling before it's approved for the next phase.

Once the hole placement is approved, the holster is sent for another bath. This time, a team member is working to remove additional shavings of material and dust created during the drilling stage. Again, they are checking for a smooth interior and a blemish-free exterior.

Next, it's time to add the hardware. Depending on the holster style, and the customer's selections, specific hardware is added to the holster so that it can hook, loop or clip onto your belt. We do not manufacture our own belt hardware, although most of the hardware we use requires that we drill it out to fit our specific hole patterns, and trim it down to the appropriate size for the specific holster. When necessary, a team member will do so, and will also sand the edges of the hardware to ensure it's smooth and snag-free.

Additionally, certain holster styles come with our Concealment Claw - a small "wing" that extends out from the holster and aids in concealment - which is in fact our own design, and is manufactured in house. Each Concealment Claw is made individually, and specifically for a particular order; they are not universal in size or shape. This stage can take quite a bit of time, as it's critical to ensure the appropriate size and shape is made. This stage also involves a test, to ensure the appropriate amount of contact is made on the backside of a belt.

We use a variety of sizes of screws, posts and rubber spacers to fasten the belt hardware to the holster, and we use several different kinds of washers and nuts to finish it off. Once the hardware is added to the holster, a team member checks to ensure that all hardware is working properly and in good condition. We do not manufacture these pieces ourselves. 

Finally, the holster is ready to enter the final inspection phase. This inspection examines the fit, function, quality, consistency, performance, size and shape of the holster, and ensures that everything is completely up to our standards. Once the holster is approved, it is checked with the details of the customer's order to ensure everything is exactly as it should be. Sometimes, we encounter issues at this stage that require the holster to be rebuilt, or for us to make minor changes - it may be that the holster may have been molded in the wrong color, or for the wrong firearm, or it could be as simple as the wrong size clip was attached and needs to be swapped out. This may result in a delay in processing your order. Sometimes, we might miss something, purely by human error. If you believe that's the case with an order you received, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Service.

Finally, it's ready to be received by our shipping department. Once the shipping label for your package has been printed, the status of your order will change to "Shipped" and you'll receive an automated email alerting you. That email will also include a tracking number.

Because we process a very high volume of orders at one time, and due to the large number of steps it involves to produce our products, our production schedule is incredibly fluid - it constantly changes from day to day. This is why we're unfortunately unable to provide exact time estimates, or exact status updates. Please be assured that our production team works incredibly hard to fulfill orders as fast as possible, without compromising the integrity and quality we're known for - this is why we do not rush our processes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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