About our products

All of our holsters are made from a high-quality thermoplastic material - Kydex®. 

Benefits of Kydex®

Increased Retention & Fit
Kydex® is flexible during the molding process, allowing the manufacturer to replicate the intricate details of any handgun, therefore increasing retention and fit.

Durable, Maintenance-Free Material
Once molded, Kydex® is incredibly durable, has a smooth finish and will always retain its rigid shape (although the material will become compromised if exposed to extreme temperatures). And it requires virtually no maintenance to keep it free of debris and dirt – a simple rinse with soap and water is all it takes.

Superior to Nylon & Leather
Unlike ballistic nylon holsters, Kydex® holsters will never collapse, even after the handgun is withdrawn. And since Kydex® is a kind of plastic, it can never rip or fray like nylon holsters often do.

Unlike leather holsters, Kydex® will never stretch out or wear down with time. 

Holster Hardware

​​We pride ourselves on using only the best materials to manufacture our products. That's why the hardware every Alpha Concealment Systems holster is covered by our lifetime guarantee. If at any time the hardware on your product breaks, or is lost, let us know and we'll send out the replacement parts at no cost to you.


Handcrafters of Custom Kydex® Holsters