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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to stop by your Product Showroom. Where are you located?

We operate out of two separate facilities in the Pittsburgh area, only one of which is open to the public - our Product Showroom. Please click here for the location of our Product Showroom, and all of our contact information. Please note that due to the high volume of online orders that we process out of our secondary facility, our Product Showroom is only open by appointment. If you decide to stop by without an appointment, we'll unfortunately be unable to grant you access to the building. 

What is a custom order?

A custom order is any order you place online and/or in person that is not labeled as "Quick Ship" or "In Stock" in either the product title or product description. When you purchase a custom order online, you will be required to check a box that indicates you understand that what you're ordering is a custom item before you're able to complete the checkout process. 

What is your current turnaround time for custom orders

placed online?

​All of our custom products are handcrafted and uniquely tailored to meet an individual customer’s needs and desires. And when a custom order enters the production phase, we take our time to ensure that everything is perfect. Due to the high volume of custom online orders that we receive, these orders are subject to a lead time.

A lead time is: the amount of time that passes between the initial order and shipment of the order. It does not include the time it takes for the package to arrive on your doorstep once it leaves our facility. The quoted lead time is meant as an estimate; please note that it may not be exact.

Our current estimated lead time for custom Kydex® orders placed online is 20 to 30 days. If a known delay is present for custom orders placed during specific time periods, a notice will be posted on the homepage of our website.

What is your current turnaround time for custom orders placed in person?

If you are local to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there are several opportunities for you to place a custom order in person - for instance, at our Product Showroom, or at a gun show. 

If you've browsed our selection of in-stock holsters, carriers and sheaths in person and can't find the exact handgun model or color you're looking for, you can always place a custom order with us. There is no extra charge to place a custom order. 

The order is subject to the same lead time as our online custom orders (please see above answer).

What is your return/cancellation policy for custom orders?

Please click here to view our return/cancellation policy for custom orders.

What is a specialty order?

A specialty order is an order placed in person for an item that we do not currently make or have in stock. This pertains to handgun models, lights, lasers and knives that are not listed in the dropdown menu on our website. We can only accept specialty orders for firearms in person, but we are able to take specialty orders online for knives and some weapon-mounted light/laser attachments that are not listed on our website. Please call our Customer Service line, or email us, to inquire about how to proceed with an online order for a knife or weapon-mounted light/laser that is not listed on our website.

If you’re local to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, call our Customer Service line to discuss making a specialty appointment. We'll need to know what kind of holster you're looking for, and what model gun you have. If we’re capable of making it, we’ll set up a specialty appointment for you at our Product Showroom to meet with one of our specialty handcrafters, and we’ll use your firearm for the molding process.  This does not harm the firearm in any way, and it ensures a guaranteed fit for your holster. You must have a specialty appointment in order to have a specialty item made - we need to ensure that adequate time is blocked out, and that an appropriate team member is available. Full payment is required at time of appointment.

What is your current turnaround time for specialty orders placed in person?

Several of our best workers, including the company owner, dedicate their time solely to customers who have appointments for specialty orders. This ensures that the process is expedited, as workers focus on one holster at a time, as opposed to enormous batches of holsters.

Therefore, a specialty order is produced immediately, while the customer waits on site. An appointment can take up to two hours, depending on the type of handgun and holster selected. The owner of the firearm must be present during the entire appointment.

What does an appointment for a specialty order entail?

When you come to our Product Showroom for a specialty appointment, please bring the firearm you wish to have the holster made for. Please arrive on time, so that you do not interfere with the appointments that may be scheduled after you. Please note that if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, we may be unable to fulfill your appointment window.
When checking in, you’ll be asked to fill out some standard paperwork that asks for your name and contact information, your firearm model, etc. You’ll then meet with one of our specialty handcrafters and look at different holster models to determine exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll then be asked to pay for your specialty order prior to the work beginning.
The specialty handcrafter will then take your firearm into the back, while you wait in our customer waiting room. We have plenty of coffee and snacks, and a couch for you to lean back on while you watch TV. You can also browse our Showroom for other items you may be interested in.
In the back, the specialty handcrafter will mock up your gun (don’t worry, it doesn’t do any damage) and proceed to mold the holster you’ve chosen. Once it’s molded, they’ll cut and shape the holster, buff the edges and assemble it. It will then be put through our thorough inspection and testing phase.
Once it’s passed the test, the specialty handcrafter will join you in the waiting room, where you can try your holster on, practice drawing and holstering your weapon, and make sure you’re completely satisfied. Once you leave the appointment, you are agreeing that the holster is to your satisfaction.

Appointments can take up to two hours, depending on the type of handgun and holster selected. The owner of the firearm must be present during the entire appointment.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your specialty appointment, please be sure to provide at least 24 hours notice.

What is your Return/Cancellation Policy for specialty orders?

Please click here to view our return and cancellation policies for specialty items.

How fast does extra hardware ship out?

Please click here to view our shipping policies for extra hardware. 

What is the Return/Cancellation Policy for extra hardware?

Please click here to view our return and cancellation policies for extra hardware.

How fast do Quick Ship items ship out?

Please click here to view our shipping policies for Quick Ship items.

What is the Return/Cancellation Policy for Quick Ship items?

Please click here to view our return and cancellation policies for Quick Ship items.

How fast do Clearance items ship out?

Please click here to view our shipping policy for Clearance items.

What is the Return/Cancellation Policy for Clearance items?

Please click here to view our return and cancellation policies for Clearance items.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Please click here to view our shipping policies. 

Do you ship internationally?

Please click here to view our shipping policies.

How should I test my holster to ensure it's right once I receive it?

When ordering from Alpha Concealment Systems, the customer is responsible for checking their order immediately upon delivery for proper fit/function. Alpha Concealment Systems advises customers to always use safe handling practices, and use an unloaded firearm, when testing the initial fit/function of an Alpha Concealment Systems product. Afterwards, the customer should exercise safe handling practices every time an Alpha Concealment Systems product is used in conjunction with a firearm - please consult the NRA's Gun Safety Rules.

When using a knife in conjunction with an Alpha Concealment Systems product, customers are advised to exercise caution, and keep fingers away from the edge of the blade at all times. Customers should assume that their knife sheath will be tight at first, and should use extreme caution.

I think I may have received a defective product. What should I do?

If you believe you have received merchandise that is defective (issues with hardware, design, fit or function that are caused by a manufacturing or design error on our part), or if you feel the product you received is unsafe, please cease use immediately.

Next, please review the details of your order, and the specs of your firearm, to ensure that you ordered the correct item. Errors made during the ordering process are not the responsibility of Alpha Concealment Systems. 

If you're certain that your order details are correct, please click here for more information about how to proceed.

Is there a price difference between the Quick Ship items online, and the in-stock items in your Product Showroom?

No. All of our Quick Ship items listed online, and the in-stock items showcased in our Product Showroom are the same price. All of the gun stores that stock our products also sell them at the same retail price as we do. 

I'm not sure which holster I want to order. What do you suggest?

Determining which style of holster suits you best can be tough. That's why we're here to help! Give us a call or shoot us an email; we'd be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect holster. 

If you’re local to Pittsburgh, visit our Product Showroom and you’ll have an opportunity to test out our holsters, knife sheaths and magazine carriers, giving you a chance to interact with our products and determine which item suits you best. You can even purchase your new holster in person that day!

Please click here for the location and operating hours of our Product Showroom.

You can also check out this blog post about carrying in the appendix position for the first time.

I recently sold the gun that I had ordered a holster for. Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, we do not allow cancellations. You can view our cancellation policy here. However, we will do our best to work with you and make changes to your order, as long as your order has not already entered production. Please note that if you choose to change your order to a more expensive holster, or Kydex® pattern, you will be asked to cover those additional costs. If the additional payment is not received within 5 days of contacting us, we will contact you to let you know your order will ship as you originally ordered it. We cannot guarantee your order will be shipped within our quoted lead time if changes are made. To inquire about making changes to an existing order, email us at info@alphaconceal.com.

What is a "cant" and does my holster need one?

You can find more information in this blog post.

What is a "sweatshield" and does my holster need one?

You can find more information in this blog post.

I went to order a holster, and when I added the options I wanted, I noticed that the price changed. What's going on?

The price change is due to the pattern you selected for your holster in the "color" dropdown menu.

All of our gear is available in the customer’s choice of 33 different colors/patterns - click here to view swatches of each one. Fifteen of those are considered basic colors, and do not incur an upcharge.

But some of the patterns we offer do incur an upcharge. The upcharge is listed in parenthesis next to the name of the pattern in the dropdown menu. You can read more about why that is, and how we determine the upcharge, by clicking here. This is the only thing we charge extra for.

I purchased a holster from you last year in Kryptek Typhon, and recently ordered a matching magazine carrier in the same pattern. But I noticed that the pattern on my magazine carrier isn't exactly the same as the pattern on my holster. Did something change?

Our supplier (one of the only licensed companies permitted to print Kryptek Outdoor Group® patterns) has begun the process to alter their Kydex to more accurately reflect the actual Kryptek fabric prints, per the instructions of Kryptek Outdoor Group. Because of this, all of the Kryptek patterns used to make our products may be ever-so-slightly different in color and sharpness than they previously have been.

This means that if you place an order for an item in a Kryptek print, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that the patterns will be 100 percent identical to what is shown in the photographs on our website/social media, nor can we guarantee that it will be an exact match to Kryptek gear that you may already own from us. The changes are not overtly noticeable, however, if you’re looking for an exact match, we suggest ordering all your gear at one time because we are unfortunately unable to guarantee which version of the pattern a customer may receive.

You can read more about this issue by clicking here.

Unfortunately, we're unable to honor returns, refunds, exchanges or cancellations. A full disclaimer is listed on our website, and we encourage all customers to read it prior to ordering any of our products in a Kryptek pattern - click here to view the disclaimer (a new link will open, and the disclaimer is at the bottom of that page).

What is covered under the lifetime warranty?

Please click here to read our policies as it relates to this matter.

I left my holster/magazine carrier on the dashboard of my vehicle and it melted. Will you replace it?

Unfortunately, extreme heat and cold will definitely compromise the shape and consistency of Kydex®, as the material does not withstand extreme temperatures. Vehicles tend to act as ovens during periods of high heat, so we do recommend to always keep your Kydex® gear protected by storing it in the glovebox or center console, which do not heat up nearly as much as other portions of a vehicle's interior. 

That being said, we do not replace holsters, magazine carriers or any other Kydex® products that have been damaged due to personal use.

Please click here to read more about our policies as it relates to this matter.

I placed an order online and it says "Awaiting Fulfillment." What does that mean?

This is the status of your order. Every order placed through our online store is automatically marked as "Awaiting Fulfillment," and that status will not change until the order has shipped or is ready for pick up. Please view our current lead time on the homepage of our website for an estimated timeframe on when you can expect your order to ship. Once it ships, you'll receive an automated email alerting you that the status of your order is now marked as "Shipped." That email will also include a tracking number for your package. 

How can I check the status of my order?

By logging into your online account. Please view the above answer for more information about status updates.

I can’t find my handgun model in the options listed. What should I do?

Contact us to let us know what you’re looking for. Oftentimes, we do in fact have the mold for handgun models that are not currently listed on the website. If we don’t have the mold for it, and you’re not local to Pittsburgh, we’ll take your contact information and we’ll do our best to let you know if/when we get it in. 

I live near Pittsburgh and want to place an online order, but pick it up in person. Is that possible?

Yes! When placing your order online, if the address you give is in Pennsylvania, West Virginia or Ohio, the system will automatically give you the option to pick up your order in store. Select that option and the shipping fee will be waived. As soon as your order is ready for pick up, the status of your order will change to "Awaiting Pick Up" and you'll receive an email notification from our automated system. A team member will also call and message you to inform you, and they'll set an appointment for you to pick the item up at our Product Showroom.

Oops, I didn’t read that FAQ above before placing my order. Help!

If you’re local to Pittsburgh and want to pick up an online order that you already placed and paid shipping for, please contact us immediately.

​Do you offer any LEO or MIL discounts?

Yes! Click here to learn more about our discount programs.

I placed an order yesterday and now you're having a sale today. Can I have the difference of the discount applied to my previous order?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot apply discounts retroactively. We email the subscribers of our newsletter when a sale is coming up, so it may be wise to ensure you're signed up for those alerts. We also post about sales on social media, so make sure you're following us!

Can I combine my LEO or MIL discount with the sale you're currently having?

Unfortunately, no. Our system only allows for one coupon code to be used at a time.

I placed an order online and you’re having an in-store sale at your Product Showroom. Can I have the discount applied to my online order?

Sorry, no. In-store sales are exactly that. The same applies if we’re having an online sale and you’re purchasing in person. 

We do in fact sometimes have combined in-store and online sales. When this is the case, it will be listed as such in email promotions, on our website, on social media, and in the store. 

I already bought an in-stock item at your Product Showroom, but now you're having an in-store sale. Can I be refunded the difference?

Sorry, no. We cannot apply discounts retroactively. Sale items must be purchased during the sale. 

I have a YouTube channel where I review guns and gear. Would you be willing to send me a free holster for review?

We are very selective about who we partner with in terms of reviews. Of course, all paying customers are more than welcome to post video reviews at their discretion. However, we do not provide complimentary holsters to YouTubers or any other reviewers without serious consideration. If you are interested in being considered, please email media@alphaconceal.com to obtain a review application.

Why doesn't my local gun store stock your holsters?

We're constantly adding new vendors, and would love to get our holsters on the shelves of your local gun store! Please let the owner/manager know that you're interested in purchasing our products, and that we have great wholesale pricing. You can also email us at info@alphaconceal.com with the name and location of the store and we'll contact the store directly.  

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