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Meet The Newcomers
Alpha Concealment Introduces 2 New Holsters

Aug. 27, 2015 (Pittsburgh) -- This week, we're excited to announce two newcomers to the Alpha Concealment Systems family.

Single AR15 Magazine Carriers

Our Single AR15 Magazine Carriers were designed to meet a need in the shooting community,

by offering a compact and versatile means for hauling extra rifle magazines. 

What's great about these carriers is that they are ambidextrous - they can be worn inside the

waistband (IWB) or outside the waistband (OWB) in any carry position. All you have to do is

unscrew the clip and reposition it in the predrilled holes on the opposite side. Each carrier

comes standard with your choice of: 1.5" or 1.75" clip.

Each carrier will fit Hex mags, P mags and USGI mags, and it comes with adjustable

retention to ensure your carrier has the exact amount of retention you need.

The Deimos Enhanced OWB

In Greek mythology, Deimos is the god who personifies terror – the literal translation of his name is “dread.” The son of the god of war, Ares, Deimos always accompanied his father into battle.

The Deimos is our enhanced Outside the Waistband (OWB) handgun holster,

and is so named because of its origin – The Deimos is an offshoot of the Ares,

with a number of added enhancements.

Just like the Ares, it is designed to be worn in the 3 or 4 o'clock position and is ideal

for open carry or at the shooting range.

The Deimos is molded to fit a specific handgun model, and it comes standard with a

universal belt slide, which fits belts with a width from 1.5” up to 2.25”. This belt slide

securely fastens the holster to your belt – the holster can only be removed by removing

your belt.

This holster is made from one piece of Kydex, strategically molded around the gun and

fastened together with quality hardware. It comes with adjustable retention to ensure it has the exact amount of retention you need. Unlike ballistic nylon or leather holsters, each of our handcrafted holsters is molded to fit a specific handgun model; your gun will only fit in the holster that is designed specifically for that model. 

As always, our customers have the freedom to choose from 28 different colors and patterns - Click here to view the color options.

So what are you waiting for? Order today and get ready to hit the range!


About Alpha Concealment Systems​

Alpha Concealment Systems is a Western Pennsylvania manufacturer of customized solutions for handgun carry. We specialize in handcrafting high-quality, low-cost handgun holsters and magazine carriers. We strive to serve as an industry standard, providing products of remarkable quality that are uniquely forged to suit the needs of individual customers. Our exceptional commitment to our craft, combined with our skills, knowledge and incredible attention to detail, results in handcrafted holsters that are unparalleled. Our goal is to instill confidence in our customers, knowing they have a reliable product by their side trusted by industry leaders.