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Since gun licensing laws can be quite complicated and vary greatly depending on the state, we feel strongly that media professionals should consult numerous resources prior to publishing any content regarding firearms. 

The following links serve as our suggestions to external content regarding the firearms industry:

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​A holster is a device that securely holds a handgun onto a person's body, for the purposes of concealed or open carry. Somewhat similar to a belt clip for a cell phone, a holster is typically attached to a belt and positioned on a person's waist, either in the front, back or side. The holster prevents the handgun from moving when not in use, and allows for quick and easy access in the event it is necessary to use the handgun. 

There are a number of different types of holsters, designed to be worn in different situations. Click here to read more about gun holsters.


No. Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding firearms, and it's important to read up on what your state allows by law. 

Since we're a company that was born in Massachusetts, but now operates in Pennsylvania, the gun laws for both states are detailed below:

In Massachusetts, the law allows certain individuals to obtain a License to Carry (LTC) for a concealed handgun. Private Massachusetts citizens are not authorized to carry a handgun unless it is concealed (open carry is illegal). In order to be granted an LTC in Massachusetts, the applicant must meet numerous requirements, including passing a thorough background check.

Having an LTC means gun owners are legally allowed to carry a handgun. But in Massachusetts, in order for the carry to be legal, the handgun must not be in the public eye, hence, the term "concealed." Other states have their own laws regarding whether a licensed gun owner can carry concealed or open. Some states also do not require gun owners to be licensed to carry. 

In Massachusetts, there are also several other restrictions when it comes to carrying a concealed handgun, including where it can be carried and when. Click here to read more about concealed carry in Massachusetts. 

LTC holders in Massachusetts usually use an Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster to carry their handgun, which is one of the products Alpha Concealment Systems manufactures. Depending on the model of the IWB holster, it may clip, hook or snap onto a person's belt, and is then positioned inside a person's waistband so that it rests snugly against their skin or undershirt. 

​While private citizens in Massachusetts are restricted to concealed carry, law enforcement individuals are not (while on duty). That's why Alpha Concealment Systems also manufactures Outside the Waistband (OWB) holsters. An OWB holster is typically secured to a person by feeding a belt through the clips on the holster, attaching it to the belt. Just as a person uses a belt to keep their pants secure, the belt keeps the holster secure. Unlike IWB holsters, an OWB holster is not tucked into the waistband and is clearly visible on a person if their shirt is tucked in. Use of an OWB holster is also permitted by private citizens when at a shooting range, or during competitive shooting sports.

In Pennsylvania, the state gun laws are not nearly as strict as in Massachusetts. The law allows persons 18 years of age and older whom are not prohibited by law from owning firearms to openly carry a handgun in plain sight with no license, except in vehicles, cities of the first class (Philadelphia) and where prohibited specifically by statute - K-12 schools, court houses and casinos.

Pennsylvania state law also allows for issuance of an LTCF for concealed carry of a firearm, or to carry a handgun while in a vehicle. Private citizens ages 21 and up are eligible to apply for an LTCF, and similar to Massachusetts, applicants must pass a thorough background check in order to be granted an LTC. 

Click here to learn more about open carry, and LTCFs in Pennsylvania.


Choosing to carry a handgun is often a personal decision. So long as the individual is lawfully carrying, it's no one's business why. However, some reasons may include: 

  • A desire to protect oneself and others in an emergency situation (Examples include attempted robbery, kidnapping or stopping an active shooter)

  • As a self-defense mechanism to prevent violent crimes from occurring such as rape and/or assault

  • For transportation of a handgun to a shooting range or competitive shooting event

Just like most homeowners keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen in case of a fire, most gun owners don't carry a handgun hoping to have to use it; it's there in case of an emergency. 

It's extremely important to remember that owning and carrying firearms is an American right, and no one is required to provide an explanation as to why they are choosing to exercise it. 

Our Founding Fathers deemed the right to keep and bear arms as important to this country's liberty as the right to free speech and the freedom of religion, and that's something we always need to keep in mind. We don't question why the media needs to publish news, or why our neighbors feel the need to practice Catholicism as opposed to being Jewish. These are all things that American people are entitled to by right.


​In Massachusetts, registered gun owners are required to show proof of their gun license in order to purchase a firearm or ammunition. In Pennsylvania, a gun license is not necessary in order to purchase a firearm or ammunition, however, the person making the purchase must fill out an application at the store, and pass a background check, prior to the purchase. 

THERE IS NO STATE OR FEDERAL LAW restricting the purchase or sale of accessories such as holsters. This is because holsters are made of plastic.
In any state in the U.S., it is 100 percent legal to sell and/or purchase handgun accessories (such as holsters). So no matter what state our customers are in, we can be sure that no law has been violated.

about holsters & handguns

All of our holsters are made from a high-quality material called Kydex®. More specifically, Kydex® is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials manufactured by Kydex LLC, a division of SEKISUI Polymer Innovations LLC. The material has a wide variety of applications, including aerospace projects, building interiors and fixtures, vehicle components, medical equipment housings, electrical equipment enclosures, components for patient beds in hospitals, store fixtures and displays, and much more.

Click here to review product case studies including Kydex®. 

Click here to read about the history of Kydex®.

Benefits of Kydex®

  • Increased Retention & Fit

Kydex® is flexible during the molding process, allowing the manufacturer to replicate the intricate details of any handgun, therefore increasing retention and fit. Each holster is molded to specifically fit one handgun model.

  • Durable, Maintenance-Free Material

Once molded, Kydex® is incredibly durable, has a smooth finish and will always retain its rigid shape. And it requires virtually no maintenance to keep it free of debris and dirt – a simple rinse with soap and water is all it takes.

  • Superior to Nylon & Leather

Unlike ballistic nylon holsters, Kydex® holsters will never collapse, even after the handgun is withdrawn. And since Kydex is a kind of plastic, it can never rip or fray like nylon holsters often do. And unlike leather holsters, Kydex® will never scratch, stretch or wear down with time. ​

About Our products


When Massachusetts native Anthony Tomacchio hatched the idea of starting his own company back in 2012, it was merely a dream he hoped would someday be attainable. From product design and testing, to creating a business strategy and hiring a team, the entire process seemed endless to Tomacchio.

But flash forward to October 2013, and Tomacchio’s vision had finally come to fruition. Tomacchio now operates as the CEO of Alpha Concealment Systems.

A graduate of Westfield State University in Westfield, Mass., Tomacchio holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. But he maintains a firm belief that classroom experience is not necessarily indicative of success. "It is our personal life experiences, coupled with academia, that truly shape our professional journey," Tomacchio says. "For me, coming from a large Italian family has taught me some of the most important values of business: loyalty, compassion, effective communication, fairness and honesty. And of course, those minor sibling rivalries over the years have ingrained in me a sense of healthy competition."

With an initial dream of becoming a law enforcement officer, Tomacchio was instead thrust into the business world immediately after college, helping run one of the most successful and trustworthy medical courier companies in the New England area. While Tomacchio credits his time in business as "a great learning experience," the position left him struggling to find a meaningful way to put his criminal justice degree to good use. This is how Alpha Concealment Systems was born.

"Launching Alpha Concealment Systems in September of 2013 gave me the incredible opportunity to combine my business know-how with my passion for criminal justice," Tomacchio says.

And it's that incredible passion that continues to drive Tomacchio further towards success. "I am completely confident in this company, and our ability to continue to deliver affordable Kydex® holsters that are of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship," Tomacchio says.


At Alpha Concealment Systems, we aren’t afraid to do things differently.

We’re passionate craftsmen (and women!) who are dedicated to the art of handcrafting because we believe it delivers a better product; one that our team members put their everything into, knowing the customer’s life depends on the quality, reliability, safety and functionality of it. We share an exceptional commitment to our craft, leaning on our skills, knowledge and experience to create customized Kydex® solutions uniquely forged to suit the needs of individual customers. Unlike a lot of our competitors, our products are handcrafted from start to finish; we don’t rely on technology to do our jobs for us.

We pride ourselves on our character and conduct, bringing honesty and integrity to every interaction we have. We’re driven by more than dollar signs, and motivated by the fact that what we do as a company truly matters, knowing each order that leaves our facilities will make a difference in someone’s life. When seconds matter, you can count on Alpha.

So who are we? We’re leaders, and creators, and thinkers and doers. We’re go-getters, and trail blazers, and hard-working honest folks who won’t quit at the first sign of adversity, because we know that nothing worth having comes easy. We’re the first to arrive and the last to leave, making every moment count in between because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

We are Alpha, and we’re proudly handcrafted by people, not machines, right in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 


Providing safe and secure customized Kydex® solutions for handgun carry, one holster at a time. We strive to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and fairness, providing skillfully handcrafted holsters, magazine carriers and knife sheaths of unparalleled quality at an affordable price. 


​To inspire gun owners nationwide to carry with confidence, knowing they have a reliable product by their side trusted by industry leaders.

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