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Fixed-Blade Sheath Options Now Available
Alpha Concealment Systems Adds Functional Knife Sheaths To Product Line-up

July 11, 2016 (Pittsburgh, PA) – Fixed-blade users of the nation, it's time to rejoice: Alpha Concealment Systems has just released a brand new line of functional, durable and minimalistic knife sheaths.

Gone are the days of relying on the stock sheath that comes standard with your fixed blade. Now, customers can upgrade to Alpha from the ill-fitting and impractical sheath that came with their blade when they purchased it. During our initial testing phase of this new line of products, 10 out of 10 test subjects preferred the sheath from Alpha Concealment Systems to the stock sheath that came with the blade. 

Boasting a minimalistic design, functional belt hardware and an easy-to-conceal shape, these sheaths are a great option, regardless of the fixed blade you're carrying. 

Alpha Concealment Systems now offers inside the waistband, and outside the waistband knife sheaths at an extremely affordable price. And just like the rest of our product line up, all of our knife sheaths are skillfully crafted by hand from start to finish, ensuring the highest quality and care. Check them out today at www.alphaconceal.com.


About Alpha Concealment Systems
At Alpha Concealment Systems, we aren’t afraid to do things differently.

We’re passionate craftsmen (and women!) who are dedicated to the art of handcrafting because we believe it delivers a better product; one that our team members put their everything into, knowing the customer’s life depends on the quality, reliability, safety and functionality of it. We share an exceptional commitment to our craft, leaning on our skills, knowledge and experience to create customized Kydex® solutions uniquely forged to suit the needs of individual customers. Unlike a lot of our competitors, our products are handcrafted from start to finish; we don’t rely on technology to do our jobs for us.

We pride ourselves on our character and conduct, bringing honesty and integrity to every interaction we have. We’re driven by more than dollar signs, and motivated by the fact that what we do as a company truly matters, knowing each order that leaves our facilities will make a difference in someone’s life. When seconds matter, you can count on Alpha.

So who are we? We’re leaders, and creators, and thinkers and doers. We’re go-getters, and trail blazers, and hard-working honest folks who won’t quit at the first sign of adversity, because we know that nothing worth having comes easy. We’re the first to arrive and the last to leave, making every moment count in between because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

We are Alpha, and we’re proudly handcrafted by people, not machines, right in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.