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Cutting the Cost to Carry
Alpha Concealment Offers Discount for Law Enforcement Officers, Federal Agents

May 1, 2014 (Boston) -- At Alpha Concealment Systems, giving back is an integral part of our business. That’s why this month, we’re unveiling two new programs designed to cut the cost to carry Alpha. 

We’re proud to announce our Line of Duty Discount, a 15 percent savings on all orders given to those brave men and women who protect and serve our nation and communities. 

“I believe that anyone who serves this country, the state or even an individual community, deserves the respect and support from everyone around them,” said Anthony Tomacchio, founder and CEO of Alpha Concealment Systems. “It’s a great feeling to know that this company can do its part, no matter how small, to extend our thanks to those in the line of duty.” 

Those who qualify for the Line of Duty Discount include: 

  • Law enforcement officers at the federal, state, county and city/town level (current and retired)
  • Firefighters, paramedics and EMT’s 
  • Military members all of branches (active duty, reservists and veterans)
  • Corrections, parole and probation officers
  • Security guards and officers who are state licensed 

In addition, Alpha Concealment Systems is also rolling out an even bigger discount this month: the Bulk Badge Benefit. This new program offers a great incentive for law enforcement departments and agencies -- at the state, federal and municipal level -- that place bulk orders. 

“We’ve been fortunate enough to work with many different departments across the nation since our inception, creating custom orders to fit the specific requirements that differ from one department to the next,” Tomacchio said. “We are so very grateful for all of the business that has come our way, and wanted to express our appreciation by making our products even more affordable.”

The Bulk Badge Benefit offers departments and agencies the following discounts, on top of the 15 percent savings through the Line of Duty Discount.

  • 5 percent off the purchase of 10-20 products
  • 10 percent off the purchase of 21-50 products
  • 15 percent off the purchase of 51+ products

Combining these two new discounts ensures law enforcement departments and agencies throughout the country will have access to reliable, high-quality gear at an extremely affordable price. 

To learn more about Alpha Concealment Systems' new discounts, go to www.alphaconceal.com/discounts.html. If you are a law enforcement officer interested in applying for our discounts, or creating a custom order for your department, email discounts@alphaconceal.com. 


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