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We love giving our customers a chance to test out our gear before buying, and our Product Showroom is designed for that exact purpose. But we also offer a number of other services in person.

Appointments are required to visit our Product Showroom, and we offer a variety of different types of appointments based on your objective. There is no charge for an appointment, but if your appointment is to have an item made, you will be expected to pay for that item during your appointment.

Please contact Customer Service to book any of the following appointments.

Demo Our Holsters - Approx. 30 minutes to 1 hour
Book a demo appointment, and you’ll have an opportunity to test out and try on our holsters, knife sheaths and magazine carriers, giving you a chance to interact with our products and determine which item suits you best. 

If you find something you're happy with, a team member will walk them through the online ordering process, in-store on our devices. Full payment for your order is required. The order is subject to our typical estimated lead time, and the customer can select to pick the item up in store when it's ready, or have it shipped to them for a small fee. 

We ask that you inform us of the handgun model, knife or magazine you're using, prior to booking this kind of appointment, so we can 1) make sure it's a model we offer products for, 2) be ready to recommend the right style of holster and make sure we have the style on hand, and 3) be fully prepared for your appointment window, to maximize the time you spend at our Product Showroom.

Customers can also browse our selection of in-stock items, and if they find an item that matches what they are looking for, they are able to purchase it and take it home that day. The selection and quantity of in-stock items can vary, and we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular item. If you'd like us to, we'd be more than happy to check the inventory of a specific item when booking your demo appointment. We can usually place in-stock items on hold for customers in advance of their appointment.

Pick Up Appointment - Approx. 10 to 15 minutes

When placing your order online, if the address you give is in Pennsylvania, West Virginia or Ohio, the system will automatically give you the option to pick up your order in store. Select that option and the shipping fee will be waived. As soon as your order is ready for pick up, the status of your order will change to "Awaiting Pick Up" and you'll receive an email notification from our automated system. A team member will also call and message you to inform you, and they'll help find a convenient appointment time for you to pick the item up.

Holster Specialty Appointment - Approx. 1 to 2 hours

Have a handgun model that we don’t offer holsters for? No problem!

If you’re local to Pittsburgh, please call our Customer Service line to inquire about making a specialty appointment. If we’re capable of making the item you're looking for, we’ll set up a specialty appointment for you to meet with one of our specialty handcrafters, and we’ll use your firearm for the molding process of your order.

Please note that specialty orders can only be accepted when the owner of the firearm visits our shop in person. We are not accepting firearms through the mail at this time. You must have a speciality appointment in order to have a specialty item made - we need to ensure that adequate time is blocked out, and an appropriate team member is available. 

Specialty Holster appointments can take up to two hours, depending on the type of handgun and holster selected. The owner of the firearm must be present during the entire appointment. We have a comfortable waiting room and refreshments available. 

Knife Sheath Specialty Appointment - Approx. 1 hour
Looking for a sheath for one of your knives? Alpha has you covered.

Local customers are welcome to call our Customer Service line to set up a specialty appointment. Your sheath will be made during your appointment, using your knife for the molding process of your order - unless it's a knife we already offer sheaths for, then we'll use our own. Specialty appointments for knife sheaths typically take one hour, and the customer is required to be present for the entire appointment.

If you’re not local to Pittsburgh, we’re still capable of taking your knife sheath order – please browse the available options on our website, and contact Customer Service if you don't see your knife listed as an option. 

Alpha Concealment Systems operates out of two separate facilities in the Pittsburgh area, only one of which is open to the public - our Product Showroom. Customers are welcome to visit our Product Showroom to shop, browse, pick up an online order and more. Appointments are required in all instances.

Shipping Address:

Alpha Concealment Systems
P.O. Box 10679
Pittsburgh, PA 15235

*Please contact us prior to shipping any personal property to Alpha Concealment Systems. You will need to obtain a Customer Property Form to fill out and include with your property. Alpha Concealment Systems cannot be held responsible for any customer property that is sent to our facilities without a completed Customer Property Form.  Alpha Concealment Systems advises that unsolicited mail should NEVER be sent to any of our listed addresses; we do not accept unsolicited mail.



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Product Showroom:

Open to the public by appointment only. Please contact Customer Service to inquire about making an appointment.

​*Please note that due to the high volume of online orders we process at our secondary facility, our Product Showroom is only open to the public by appointment, to ensure we have adequate staffing at both facilities. If you decide to drop by our Product Showroom without an appointment, we’ll unfortunately be unable to give you access to the building.