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safety orange

a-tacs bonz* 

(Seasonal - aug. thru nov.)

kryptek neptune*

DISCLAIMER: If you place an order for an item in a Kryptek pattern, Alpha Concealment Systems cannot guarantee that the patterns will be 100 percent identical to what is shown in the photographs on our website/social media, nor can we guarantee that it will be an exact match to Kryptek gear that you may already own from us. Kryptek Outdoor Group has ordered several changes to the design of their prints in relation to Kydex, thus altering the appearance of the products we receive from our suppliers. The changes are not overtly noticeable, however, if you’re looking for all of your gear to be an exact match to one another, we suggest ordering all your gear at one time. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea that the patterns may not be exactly as advertised, or that they may not match existing Kryptek gear from us that you already own,

we suggest that you select another color or pattern.

We will not be able to honor returns, refunds, exchanges or cancellations, nor will be be held responsible for the appearance of such patterns. It is completely out of our hands.

We apologize for this inconvenience. 

kryptek nomad*

od green



kryptek mandrake*

kryptek altitude*

kryptek typhon*


flat dark earth (fde) carbon fiber*

flat dark earth (fde)

light grey

red carbon fiber*


colors & patterns

kryptek pontus*

A-Tacs vista* 

(seasonal - Aug. thru nov.)

kryptek yeti*

police blue

arctic white

tiffany blue


woodland camo*

kryptek raid*

kryptek highlander*

emt red

dark gray

coyote grey

mas grey

Blood red


Black Carbon Fiber*

We offer a variety of Kydex® colors and patterns, giving you the freedom to showcase your personality and style. Any of our holsters can be made in your choice of 33 different colors and patterns. Some of those patterns are subject to an additional fee (marked with *). You can read more about the fee by clicking here.

Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page regarding the purchase of our products in Kryptek patterns.

color options