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New Holster On The Block
Latest Alpha Concealment Design Offers Efficient Carry Solution
March 1, 2016 (Pittsburgh) -- This month, Alpha Concealment Systems is proud to announce to addition of a new holster design. 

The newest holster to an already impressive line-up of products, The Centaur is our Light-Bearing Half-Breed Inside the Waistband (IWB). Part light-bearing handgun holster, part single magazine carrier, The Centaur is designed to be worn as an appendix holster – in the 12 to 2 o’clock position. The holster clips onto your belt and is worn inside your pants. It is ideal for carrying concealed.

The streamlined design offers an efficient carry solution for those customers who seek to run a weapon-mounted light on a handgun, while ensuring a spare magazine is easily accessible. 


In Greek mythology, Centaurs were wild, untamed beasts with the body of a stallion and the torso, head and arms of a man.

Product Facts

  • The Centaur is molded to fit a specific handgun model with a particular weapon-mounted light, such as a TLR-1 or Inforce APL; your handgun, light and spare magazine will only fit in the holster that is designed specifically for it. The Centaur will not function properly without a weapon-mounted light attached.
  • It is ideal for concealed carry in the appendix position -- 1-2 o'clock
  • The Centaur comes with adjustable retention to ensure it has the exact amount of retention you need, and comes standard with two 1.5" appendix clips, which most belts will fit through.
  • This holster is made from one piece of Kydex, strategically molded around the gun and extra mag, and fastened together with quality hardware.
  • It can be customized in your choice of 33 different colors or patterns.Click here to view color options.

Although The Centaur may be a new offering from Alpha Concealment Systems, customers are already loving this exciting new piece of gear.

"We've seen a great response since releasing The Centaur," said Alpha Concealment Systems' CEO/Founder Anthony Tomacchio. "While it's a rather large piece of gear, it solves a lot of problems for customers because it's basically the all-in-one package. There's no need to purchase an extra magazine carrier, because it's built right into the holster itself. Customers have been telling us how much they appreciate that."

To learn more about The Centaur, visit www.alphaconceal.com. 


About Alpha Concealment Systems​

Alpha Concealment Systems is a Western Pennsylvania manufacturer of customized solutions for handgun carry. We specialize in handcrafting high-quality, low-cost handgun holsters and magazine carriers. We strive to serve as an industry standard, providing products of remarkable quality that are uniquely forged to suit the needs of individual customers. Our exceptional commitment to our craft, combined with our skills, knowledge and incredible attention to detail, results in handcrafted holsters that are unparalleled. Our goal is to instill confidence in our customers, knowing they have a reliable product by their side trusted by industry leaders.