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Announcing Our Newest Vendor
Alpha Concealment Welcomes A & S Indoor Pistol Range

July 22, 2015 (Pittsburgh) --Today, we’re thrilled to announce our newest vendor in Pennsylvania – A & S Indoor Pistol Range.

Located in Youngwood, PA, A & S boasts a 12-lane climate-controlled indoor pistol range in addition to a retail store offering a wide variety of competitively priced new and used firearms. Also offered are popular NRA Firearms Training and Safety Classes, featuring both classroom and hands-on training.

Starting today, A & S will be stocking a variety of Alpha Concealment Systems holsters in their retail store, giving walk-in customers, range attendees and classroom students the opportunity to get to know Alpha’s quality Kydex products.

"As a frequent patron of the A & S range, I speak from experience when I say that it’s a great environment staffed by knowledgeable and friendly folks, and we’re excited to be doing business with such great people," said Anthony Tomacchio, CEO/Founder of Alpha Concealment Systems.

And since the range is open to the public, a membership isn’t necessary (although they are available). Not mention it’s one of the most affordable ranges in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

So whether you’re an avid shooter, or are a beginner looking to get your feet wet, check out A & S, and encourage you to check out our products on their shelves as well!


A & S Indoor Pistol Range and Firearms Store

617 Overhead Bridge Road

Youngwood, PA 15697

(724) 925-1212 | www.indoorpistolrange.com


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