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The Kratos
Building off the design of our Hyperion Light-Bearing Outside the Waistband (OWB) holster, The Kratos offers a number of enhancements that make it the ideal holster for the shooting range, or for open carry. Unlike its predecessor, The Kratos features a streamlined fold over design and adjustable retention -- both of which are not offered on The Hyperion.


About Alpha Concealment Systems​

Alpha Concealment Systems is a Western Pennsylvania manufacturer of customized solutions for handgun carry. We specialize in handcrafting high-quality, low-cost handgun holsters and magazine carriers. We strive to serve as an industry standard, providing products of remarkable quality that are uniquely forged to suit the needs of individual customers. Our exceptional commitment to our craft, combined with our skills, knowledge and incredible attention to detail, results in handcrafted holsters that are unparalleled. Our goal is to instill confidence in our customers, knowing they have a reliable product by their side trusted by industry leaders.

The Olympian
Created in response to an overwhelming demand from our customers in the world of shooting sports, The Olympian is our Competition Outside the Waistband (OWB) handgun holster. Drawing inspiration from Greek mythology, The Olympian's name is reminiscent of the Twelve Olympians -- the major deities of the Greek pantheon who resided atop Mount Olympus; they were the strongest and most gifted beings in Greek mythology.

As such, The Olympian holster is made especially for use during competitive shooting tournaments, and meets the requirements for competing in IDPA and USPSA matches. Its design offers a number of necessary enhancements that are sure to give shooters a competitive advantage.

The Minotaur
Designed to appeal to our customers seeking the all-in-one package, The Minotaur Half-Breed Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster is part handgun holster, part single magazine carrier and 100 percent beast. Given the large size of the rig, it's not an ideal option for every customer, but rather, gives appendix carriers a simplified piece of concealed carry gear (as opposed to carrying two separate pieces).

Three New Members of the Alpha Family

Alpha Concealment Debuts 3 New Designs

July 1, 2015 (Pittsburgh) -- This week, Alpha Concealment Systems is introducing three new holsters to its line-up, each designed to fit a specific need within the shooting community.